Terms and conditions

A. General information

These terms and conditions apply to the booking and all the related services. They are contractual basis respectively between the English Romance Ltd. (hereinafter called ER) and services agreed on the guest.

B. Contractual partner 

Is the service recipient/guest not the organizer or contractual partner - is the contractual partner the one who confirms the booking and the agreed service and other agreements related (booking). Service recipient/guest, and organizer shall be liable for all services rendered by ER severally.

C. Cancellation periods 

The conclusion of this agreement commits the parties to the implementation of this agreement, regardless of the duration of the reservation.  The contract can be terminated unilaterally by the booker only under the following conditions:

In single room or the entire reservation cancellation costs as follows:

Up to 49 days before arrival 50% of the agreed total, up to 36 days before 70% of the agreed total up to 14 days before 80% of the agreed total up to 3 days before 85% of the agreed total. Cancellation/no show on the day of arrival 90% of the agreed total. The prices include a person change max, each additional change is 12 euros net. All changes must be announced maximum 10 days prior to arrival.

ER reserves the right without giving any reason, to cancel free of charge agreed services up to 45 days prior to event.

ER will endeavor to rent not used rooms to other parties to avoid emptiness. If empty rooms can be rent to other parties the original booking party does not need to pay. Until the rooms are rent to another party the original booking party has to pay the full amount of the invoice. The service recipients or the organizer is reserved to prove a lower damage of ER.

D. Booking time 

The reservationdates are binding for both parties. ER reserves the right to give the booked apartment to a different party if the booking party does not arrive until 6 p.m.

He reserves the right to to rebook the room made available also in other equivalent accommodation within a distance of 10 km, unless booking-related conditions make this necessary.


E. Reserved rooms

Reserved rooms are available for recipients only for the agreed period of time available. A use beyond the agreed period, requires the prior consent of ER. No later than 5 days after conclusion of the contract is to be sent back to ER. If necessary with stamp and return. In the event that the written confirmation does not occur, ER reserves the right to reduce the room units provided at the time of reservation or otherwise rent.

F. Availability

If the booking party does not fulfill the agreed terms of conditions Er reserves the right to give the booked room capacities away to different guests.

G. Prices 

Unless otherwise agreed, the person prices are net prices plus the statutory value added tax. An increase of in value added tax after conclusion of the contract is to the detriment of the booking party. Exceeds the period between conclusion of the contract and the usage of the rooms by the guest a time of 6 months, ER reserves the right, to make price changes without prior notice.

H. Termination 

Should the service recipients change significant parts of the contract by partial cancellations of services or room capacity in the form that an economic rental is not possible for ER, ER reserves the right to terminate the booking without notice.

I. Payment deadlines 

The amounts arising from the invoice are payable within 3 days from date of invoice, without any deduction and in the currency stated on the invoice. For payments after this date, ER reserves the right to take interest rates.

J. Losses/damage 

ER shall be liable for loss or damage to personal items only for intent or gross negligence of ER staff.

As far as ER is responsible for third parties, ER shall only be liable, if there is a fault. ER's liability limited to its liability insurance, a further liability is expressly excluded. Liability for damage, disturbance or interruption of the experience operation or by force majeure, strikes, riot, war, natural disasters, fire etc. is excluded.

K. Severability

If one or more provisions of these general conditions are ineffective or become, this will not affect the validity of the contract and of the remaining provisions.

Amendments or cancellations are null and void without written confirmation of it. For the case the invalidity of individual provisions, applies the scheme, originally envisaged provision comes and is permitted by law.

 L. Additions 

Additions, amendments and side agreements whatsoever, require a written confirmation of both parties to their legal validity.

M. Jurisdiction 

Place of jurisdiction is exclusively Hannover in Germany. In the mediation only German non-European law will be applied, international departures from the applicable law cannot be accepted by us.


Dated  19.11.2015

Use of wi-fi / internet

Costs of any kind (i.e advocate) arising from the use of illegal and / or paid websites in our apartments we will charged the company or person who has booked the apartment.

Companies can not infer on their staff's fault - the client is liable.